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Go Slowly

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I recently learned that the standard Chinese goodbye translates to “go slowly” (much as we would say “take care”); I love this.  It makes me think about how we embark on change and want the sped up movie montage of improvement (with an amazingly perfect song for background music, naturally) instead of being kind to ourselves and allowing for organic transformation.

I began adhering to a Paleo diet in March. I’m not going to speak to what that entails in depth because the information is already out there if people are interested.  For me, I don’t focus as much on what I can’t have (although this is what bystanders tend to latch on to) but am more focused on simply eating as many different fruits and vegetables in a day as I possibly can.  I continue to do this because I have consistent energy all day, stable mood, clear skin, deep sleep, and a calm tummy.  It’s that simple – yet it has also been a time-consuming and expensive lifestyle transition.  It likely would not make for an arresting movie montage.  But whether we’re talking about a diet (and don’t we all want to eat a little better?) or virtually any other aspect of life, I think patience and compassion for ourselves is key.

Tomorrow, if you feel like making a change, why not tackle breakfast?  This is one of my favorite meals, but also one of the hardest I find in which to incorporate vegetables.  That’s why I am so excited about this new recipe I tried.

paleoblog 009

As showcased in my breakfast from this morning, I present the zucchini pancake!  This is an easy and fast recipe (assuming you have a food processor for shredding the zucchini; if you don’t have a food processor, get one!  You will ask yourself how you went so long without.  I have a Hamilton Beach model from Amazon that was maybe $35).   It’s savory, is an easy way to get a vegetable serving at breakfast, is portable, and reheats really well.  I think kids would probably really like them as well so long as the little flecks of green weren’t a turn-off!  If you have a giant zucchini sitting in your kitchen and mocking you, as I did, this is a great way to use it up.  This recipe is from Diane Sanfilippo and is also included in her excellent cookbook “Practical Paleo”.

Also, as Diane points out in the introduction to her recipe, these pancakes could make a really tasty burger bun substitute. We may try that tomorrow night for dinner.

Whether you try eating a better breakfast or an entirely different goal, I wish you success, and

Go Slowly!


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