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October is Om Month

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I love to read, and my absolute favorite kind of book to read is what I will call the “experimental memoir”.  Basically, if you decide to do anything unusual for a finite amount of time and then write about it in a way that is amusing and thought-provoking, I will  be wildly entertained and thrilled to share the journey.  I have read about individuals who have bicycled across America, done something every day that scared them, cooked their way through a Julia Child classic, searched for a new best friend, read an entire Encyclopedia set, and lived literally by the Bible.  Why do I like these books so much?  I suppose I want the payoff – the wisdom and growth and self-awareness that will surely arise from these unique vehicles of discovery.  There’s something captivating about observing someone who does something extreme.

It suddenly occurred to me:  why just read when I can do?   I’ve overhauled a lot of different areas in my life, but the one thing I’ve been talking about for years yet never remotely committed to is meditation.  I think that’s sort of funny – I can do anything except sit and do nothing!   I’m going to embark on a challenge to meditate for at least 15 minutes every day in October.  For the most part, I’ll be trying to clear my mind, but I am also going to tackle a sort of deconstructed metta practice.  Metta means loving kindness, wishing others well, or “boundless friendliness”. Per the traditional stages of metta, week one I will focus on myself.  Week two I will focus on my dearest loved ones.  Week three I will focus on acquaintances.  Week four I will focus on people I do not like.   Week five I will focus on the entire world.

I’m certainly curious about what this experience holds in store.  I hope to be more mindful, more calm, more compassionate and more empathetic.  I hope to feel interconnected.  Thank you for listening, for holding me accountable, and know that I will be thinking of you, saying “may you be happy, may you be well, may you be free from suffering”.


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