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Hello Pumpkin!

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Like pretty much everyone else ever, I love fall!  I don’t know if any other season has quite such a distinct “culture”, particularly in terms of food.  I’m sad to be losing the wide array of produce that was available to me in the spring and summer, but am embracing the seasonal change by eating yummy things like butternut squash soup and roasted fall vegetable salad with apple cider vinaigrette.   However, fall can be hard on a diet, particularly in the form of pumpkin “treats”; a grande Pumpkin Spice Latte has over 50 grams of sugar and no real pumpkin!  This year I wanted to find some good recipes that still felt like I was having a treat but also reaping the health benefits of pumpkin:  as one might anticipate given its orange hue, it has carotids to help prevent premature aging and cardiovascular disease, and it has a lot of Vitamins A and C, which protect the eyes and benefit the skin.

Here’s the best I’ve found so far!  First off, don’t be like me and try using the dusty container of pumpkin pie spice you bought 3 years ago for a Thanksgiving dessert.  Spoiler alert:  it no longer has any flavor, and neither will the food you make with it.   If you have a well stocked spice rack, you can easily make your own:

Of course I wanted pumpkin pancakes!  I found a great recipe which is dairy and grain free and has very little sugar (I do add the optional maple syrup but buy the real thing, grade b).  Note the coconut flour is listed as optional here, but I really recommend using it as it makes a big difference in getting good consistency.

I also have always loved chai, but no longer get chai lattes at Starbucks due to the aforementioned high sugar content in their beverages.  So I was really, really excited about finding a chai pumpkin bread recipe!  I made this into muffins instead of a loaf and it has been my husband’s favorite paleo baked good that I have made.  I used the new Tazo pumpkin chai tea bags so I got an extra boost of seasonings that way.


Finally, a savory recipe with pumpkin that is easy and delicious:


Enjoy all that this and every season has to offer, and be well!











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One thought on “Hello Pumpkin!

  1. All great recipes! The Chai Pumpkin Bread is very good, but the others are also delicious.


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