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I’m no Rachael Ray, but…

…I’ve got a 30 minute (or less) meal for you today!  I hate to out myself as I prefer for my husband to assume that I toil in the kitchen for hours and hours to produce our meals, but these recipes are just too flavorful and fast not to share.

Today I combined an easy baked tilapia recipe with roasted okra.  These are baked at the same temp in the oven, for the same amount of time, so it’s a breeze to throw this meal together.  If you have been feeling like you “should” be eating fish this would be a great gateway dish as the fish is mild and you get a lot of flavor from the other ingredients, including capers.  If you want to make it perfect paleo, just use coconut oil instead of butter.

A client gave me a bag of okra from her garden (my sister, horrified, “That wasn’t your tip, was it?”) and I was excited at the challenge to cook with a new vegetable.  I’ve had okra very rarely and only fried.  So I found an easy recipe for roasting it in the oven and it isn’t gummy or slimy at all (a common okra complaint)!  I like to add 1 tsp of garlic powder to kick up the flavor just a little bit more and make it more cohesive with the fish; I only used 1 tsp of salt, not 2.  Don’t be afraid to try new things!  Okra shares a lot of the same nutritional benefits as kiwi fruit, including high levels of folate and Vitamins A, C, and K.

food 001

food 004

food 007

(Also pictured:  sweet potato which was microwaved for 6 minutes, then topped with raw coconut butter and cinnamon).

Now I’m headed out for a hair appointment and then I get to give veterans free massages tonight!  No one has time to slave away in the kitchen all day so I hope this inspires others that healthy food can also be “fast food”!

Be well!


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Serenity Now!

I’ve had to work a little bit harder on being serene lately.  While I enjoy fall, I’m also very aware that it leads right into winter, and the dwindling sunlight and cooler temps have left me feeling out of sorts.  I think there is a balance to be had in that I want to be compassionate for myself – winter just isn’t my season, and I’m not going to be at my best – while also reminding myself to control what I can and still be the best (diminished) version of myself possible.

So far, I’ve been pushing myself to jog on sunny, mild days, and I am also recognizing that this is a perfect time to commit to a consistent yoga practice.  While I concede that going to a yoga studio is great for hands-on adjustments and original sequencing, I am also very content with my DVD library at home as well as some online resources.  Staying in my pajamas and the fact that my husband is actually willing to do yoga with me are two big bonuses to the at-home option!  My favorite resource that I wanted to share today is; I’m simply amazed at the generosity of the diversity of sessions provided absolutely free.  While I haven’t done them all by any means (and have stayed safely in the “beginner” category thus far), I specifically wanted to share my current favorite, which is “bend and stretch” with Melissa.  Keep in mind that I personally really like yoga for meditation and flexibility purposes so this isn’t going to feel like a great cardiovascular workout per se, but it is a really delicious series of stretches that particularly focuses on the side body.

I just know I feel better, emotionally and physically, after doing it.  I’ll keep writing as I strive to discern and implement positive coping skills that AREN’T pasta and hot chocolate to get through the winter season.