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Serenity Now!

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I’ve had to work a little bit harder on being serene lately.  While I enjoy fall, I’m also very aware that it leads right into winter, and the dwindling sunlight and cooler temps have left me feeling out of sorts.  I think there is a balance to be had in that I want to be compassionate for myself – winter just isn’t my season, and I’m not going to be at my best – while also reminding myself to control what I can and still be the best (diminished) version of myself possible.

So far, I’ve been pushing myself to jog on sunny, mild days, and I am also recognizing that this is a perfect time to commit to a consistent yoga practice.  While I concede that going to a yoga studio is great for hands-on adjustments and original sequencing, I am also very content with my DVD library at home as well as some online resources.  Staying in my pajamas and the fact that my husband is actually willing to do yoga with me are two big bonuses to the at-home option!  My favorite resource that I wanted to share today is; I’m simply amazed at the generosity of the diversity of sessions provided absolutely free.  While I haven’t done them all by any means (and have stayed safely in the “beginner” category thus far), I specifically wanted to share my current favorite, which is “bend and stretch” with Melissa.  Keep in mind that I personally really like yoga for meditation and flexibility purposes so this isn’t going to feel like a great cardiovascular workout per se, but it is a really delicious series of stretches that particularly focuses on the side body.

I just know I feel better, emotionally and physically, after doing it.  I’ll keep writing as I strive to discern and implement positive coping skills that AREN’T pasta and hot chocolate to get through the winter season.



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One thought on “Serenity Now!

  1. I think it’s really hard to achieve serenity-with the advent of the holiday season, it makes me cranky! I’m excited to be home and to be able to concentrate on some non-work “stuff” that I want to do…like some knitting (even though it’s just rows, it’s soothing) and paying some attention to my home. I just got a new cookbook at the library so am anxious to read it and try it out. Too, I haven’t been reading as much lately and that always makes me feel a little out of sorts. I did finish Girl in Reverse and our book club is doing Daniel Woodrell’s The Maid’s Version (author of Winter’s Bone). I think during the holidays, it’s difficult to know where to focus and maybe the answer is: no focus, just enjoy! Thanks for your blog. I think it’s great that you are writing and sharing. xxoo AJ


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